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  • Newsletter  N°82
  • October 2010

Aksum Obelisk reinstallation (Ethiopia)©Photomontage UNESCO/T.Dupret, Patrimonium-mundi.org

Millennium Development Goals: Culture for Development

UNESCO has long advocated that sustainable development strategies sensitive to cultural assets are the key to addressing the interlinked economic, social and environmental problems confronting all societies today. Seizing the opportunity to revisit the international development paradigm, UNESCO has decided to spearhead a high-level round table on Culture for Development during the UN Summit on the Millennium Development Goals (New York, 20-22 September 2010). The Outcome document adopted by the Summit recognizes now explicitly the contribution of culture to development and to the MDGs achievement. 

From 16-08-2010    to   31-10-2010  (Bangkok - Thailand) 

Underwater Cultural Heritage Exhibition at Bangkok’s Siam Ocean World More

From 27-08-2010    to   31-10-2010  (Venice - Italy) 

AFEX presents photographic exhibition: Elsewhere, French Architecture throughout the world More

From 01-09-2010    to   30-10-2010  (Mexico - Mexico) 

Photographic exhibition: “Saving Our Underwater Cultural Heritage” More

From 27-09-2010    to   08-10-2010  (México D.F. - Mexico) 

Regional Training Course on the Protection of Underwater Cultural Heritage in Mexico More

From 04-10-2010    to   08-10-2010  (Panama City - Panama) 

Capacity-building workshop in Central America and the Caribbean on the Implementation of the Intangible Cultural Heritage Convention More

From 04-10-2010    to   05-10-2010  (Buenos Aires - Argentina) 

International Seminar on "The Slave Route: Traces and Legacies of Slavery in the Americas" More

From 11-10-2010    to   11-10-2010  (Paris - France) 

Public Debate: Tomorrow’s Humanism and Cultural Diversity More

From 12-10-2010    to   14-10-2010  (Caen - France) 

International Meeting of High-Level Experts on Sustainable Tourism for Development in Least Developed Countries (LDCs) More

From 19-10-2010    to   22-10-2010  (Honiara - Solomon Islands) 

Workshop on Cultural Strategy of the Solomon Islands More

From 21-10-2010    to   24-10-2010  (Istanbul - Turkey) 

International Forum of U40-Fellows Programme: Cultural Diversity 2030 More

From 25-10-2010    to   27-10-2010  (Istanbul - Turkey) 

Regional Meeting on the Protection of the Underwater Cultural Heritage (2001 Convention) for the Mediterranean and Arab region More
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