Online discussion

Online discussion
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As a prelude to the symposium “Funding culture, managing the risk”, UNESCO organized an online discussion which examined the key themes to be discussed at the meeting.

This successful discussion was global, attracting participants from development agencies, government ministries, financial institutions, arts managers and cultural entrepreneurs, who were keen to share their views on how to advance the culture and development agenda.

The three-week online discussion (16 March – 6 April) was a preliminary forum of debate, motivated by a desire to include a broader range of stakeholders and an interest to hear the voices of individuals from different corners of the globe, who do not typically have the opportunity to share their views with policy and decision makers.

The discussion was organized around three questions that corresponded to the three round tables of the symposium, in order to allow for the ideas of the discussion to feed into and complement the event’s debates.

The discussion was highly popular, attracting over 300 participants from all around the world, writing in French, English and Spanish.

A report on the key messages of the discussion can be read here.

  • Publication Date: 10-03-2010