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  • Newsletter  N°74
  • February 2010

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Languages: spaces of interaction and rapprochement

The International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures is an invitation to talk. Multilingualism is essential to the conversation that leads to mutual understanding. Language learning and translation are therefore vital to the unity of humankind. Such are the major thrusts of the 11th International Mother Language Day. A printed version of the updated UNESCO Atlas of the World’s Languages in Danger is underway. A legacy of our cultural diversity, languages give access to the “minds of men” in which the “defences of peace must be constructed”. 

From 01-01-2010    to   31-12-2010  (Paris - France) 

Online Photo Exhibition for the celebration of the International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures in 2010 More

From 25-01-2010    to   09-03-2010  (Paris - France) 

Culture Counts: A UNESCO Poster Competition More

From 01-02-2010    to   06-04-2010  (Paris - France) 

The WinSoft Company Arabic Typography Contest More

From 08-02-2010    to   19-02-2010  (Paris - France) 

Exhibition of photographs on the Palestinian Territories More

From 09-02-2010    to   09-02-2010  (Paris - France) 

8th Award Ceremony of the UNESCO Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture More

From 18-02-2010    to   31-12-2010  (Paris - France) 

Launching of 2010, International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures More

From 22-02-2010    to   23-02-2010  (Palermo - Italy) 

“Recording the intangible”: third RMSU training module More

From 22-02-2010    to   23-02-2010  (France - Paris) 

International Mother Language Day - 21 February 2010 More

From 23-02-2010    to   24-02-2010  (Paris - France) 

Information Meeting on the International Campaign for the Establishment of the Nubia Museum in Aswan and the National Museum of Egyptian Civilization in Cairo More

From 24-02-2010    to   25-02-2010  (Palermo - Italy) 

Civil society and cultural heritage in the Mediterranean: EH 4 Regional Conference More
Cultural Property in War: Improvement in Protection  More

MUSEUM International N°243 - Celebrating Excellence: a joint issue with ICCROM  More

UNESCO World Heritage Desk Diary 2010  More

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