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  • Newsletter  N°73
  • January 2010

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Detail from The Creation of Adam, Michel-Ange, Sixtine Chapel © UNESCO

UNESCO: a laboratory of ideas on cultural issues

UNESCO is in a unique position to bring worldwide expertise to bear on the configurations reshaping our ways of relating to one another, our identities and our communities, and their ethical and normative implications. Its natural partners in this endeavour are scholars involved in every field of knowledge. At the helm, the humanities: keys to the messages lying within cultural creations. 

From 01-01-2010    to   01-01-2011  (Paris - France) 

2010, International Year for the Rapprochement of Cultures More

From 11-01-2010    to   20-01-2010  (Paris - France) 

The Marvel of Russia More

From 12-01-2010    to   14-01-2010  (Paris - France) 

4th Plenary Session of International Coordination Committee for the Safeguarding of the Cultural Heritage of Iraq More

From 18-01-2010    to   19-01-2010  (Bangkok - Thailand) 

Meeting of the Asia/Pacific Network of Arts Education Observatories More

From 21-01-2010    to   30-01-2010  (Paris - France) 

Launch of the exhibition “Biodiversity is life, Biodiversity is our life” More
Cultural Property in War: Improvement in Protection  More

MUSEUM International N°243 - Celebrating Excellence: a joint issue with ICCROM  More

UNESCO World Heritage Desk Diary 2010  More

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