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  • April 2009

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World Book and Copyright Day

By creating links between people from different eras and distinct backgrounds, books contribute to the consolidation of a world community. As vectors of free speech, they further the cause of human rights. Celebrated on 23 April, World Book and Copyright Day calls for strengthening the perennial inter-fertilization of ideas that books bring about in the interest of human dignity. 

From 17-03-2009    to   08-05-2009  (Paris - France) 

What a Sight! World Heritage seen from Space More

From 27-03-2009    to   25-04-2009  (Paris - France) 

Exhibition of Photographs on Underwater Cultural Heritage More

From 01-04-2009    to   11-04-2009  (Paris - France) 

2,200th Anniversary of the Foundation of the City of Tashkent More

From 03-04-2009    to   03-04-2009  (Bonn - Germany) 

World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development (ESD): “Integrating Culture into ESD” More

From 05-04-2009    to   11-04-2009  (Hanoi - Viet Nam) 

12th Seminar of Forum UNESCO – University and Heritage: Historic Urban Landscapes More

From 07-04-2009    to   08-04-2009  (Istanbul - Turkey) 

2nd Forum of the United Nations Alliance of Civilizations: Advancing Intercultural Understanding More

From 08-04-2009    to   11-04-2009  (Asmara - Eritrea) 

National consultation on the 2003 Convention and the establishment of a legal framework for the protection of heritage with reference to the 1972 Convention More

From 16-04-2009    to   17-04-2009  (Cotonou - Benin) 

2nd RAPEC Forum : Culture as a Trigger to Development in Africa More

From 20-04-2009    to   23-04-2009  (Baku - Azerbajian) 

National Capacity-Building Training on Modern Museum Management More

From 23-04-2009    to   26-04-2009  (Minsk - Belarus) 

National Capacity-Building Training on Modern Museum Management More

From 24-04-2009    to   24-04-2009  (Paris - France) 

World Book and Copyright Day More
History of Humanity - Volume VII: The Twentieth Century  More

Discovering the World series - Tell me about Crafts  More

Patrimônio imaterial no Brasil: legislação e políticas estaduais (pdf)  More

Learning and knowing in indigenous societies today  (pdf)  More

Museum International N° 240: Underwater Cultural Heritage (periodical)  More

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