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Lola Kenya Screen 2009 - Call for Film Entries

The Lola Kenya Screen audiovisual media initiative for children and youth in eastern Africa is calling for film entries in all genres, lengths, and formats from all over the world for the 4th Lola Kenya Screen.

Lola Kenya Screen 2009 - Call for Film Entries

Founded in October 2005, Lola Kenya Screen is an annual international film festival, production workshop and audiovisual media platform that seeks to empower children and youth.

This event will take place from 10 to 15 August 2009. Eligible films are those made by/with/for children and youth.

Lola Kenya Screen accepts films made by professionals, amateurs, youth, and children that focus on children, youth and family.

Experimental films, television series, internet games and even creatively packaged music videos tackling issues related to children, youth and family are also accepted.

The deadline for receiving films in Nairobi, Kenya, is 15 April 2009.

Film submission details, the entry form and regulations are available online at www.lolakenyascreen.org, i.e. http://www.lolakenyascreen.org/downloads/2009entry.pdf

  • Points of the 1997 Declaration related to this theme:
    - Paragraph 18 : (...) New means of private funding, from major foundations to small companies, must be encouraged as supplementary sources of funds, particularly with a view to supporting the creation, the expression and the dissemination of contemporary works.
    - Paragraph 19 : Public and private funding sources are invited to respond favourably to requests made by artists in developing countries or countries in transition. UNESCO’s intervention is particularly necessary in order to identify and publicize existing opportunities for private funding of the arts worldwide.

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  • 17-12-2008
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