Internet based language learning for African languages

Internet based language learning for African languages

  • Thematic framework: Endangered Languages
  • Geographical outreach: International
  • Types of project: Capacity-building

  • Beneficiary countries: African countries

  • Main responsible:
    Simon Whittaker
    Tegelbruksvägen 182

Summary of the activities
The aim of this project is to provide a portal for learning African languages on the Internet. Our first languages are Swahili and Tigrigna, with Amharic, Mandinka (N'ko) and Shona in the pipeline. We are also approaching other parties to provide material for their African language of interest. We are especially striving towards providing a platform for smaller and/or endangered African languages.

The first phase is being carried out on a voluntary basis. The longer-term endeavour is for this platform to be self-financing.
Please find attached a selection of screenshots from the site. These screenshots show examples from the lessons, vocabulary building, short stories, discussion and video sections. The exercises cover reading, writing and listening comprehension. A large target group for this work is the
children from the African diaspora. Good quality sound recordings to aid pronunciation practice are therefore a very important part of this project.

Main partners
Language Planet Ltd. (UK)
WandE Ltd. (UK)
Lanonet AB (Sweden)
Language teachers from Gothenburg Education Authority, Sweden.
Former teachers from the Swedish International Training Centre, Kramfors, Sweden.

  • Start Date: 01-10-2008   End Date: 07-10-2037