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  • Newsletter  N°58
  • 2 September 2008

Matsiguenga from Peru addressing globalization© E.Martin/UNESCO

Indigenous Peoples: Development with Culture and Identity

From 15 to 17 September, UNESCO will host the annual meeting of the Inter-Agency Support Group on Indigenous Peoples and welcome the first official visit to UNESCO of the UN Permanent Forum on Indigenous Issues. These events are taking place just one year after the historic adoption of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples by the General Assembly (13 September 2007). They will provide an occasion to discuss the theme development with culture and identity and explore opportunities for the UN system to support the rights and aspirations of indigenous peoples, notably through inter-agency collaboration.


From 03-08-2008    to   31-10-2008  (Kampala - Uganda) 

Workshop on the transmission of knowledge related to bark cloth making More

From 02-09-2008    to   05-09-2008  (Paris - France) 

Seventh International Jury Meeting for the UNESCO Sharjah Prize for Arab Culture 2008 More

From 03-09-2008    to   07-09-2008  (Ulan Bator - Mongolia) 

Sub-regional World Heritage Consultative Workshop for the Promotion of Transboundary Co-operation More

From 04-09-2008    to   04-09-2008  (Aksum - Ethiopia) 

Reinstallation of Aksum Obelisk: Inauguration Ceremony More

From 09-09-2008    to   09-09-2008  (Paris - France) 

The Cocolo Dance Drama Tradition More

From 09-09-2008    to   11-09-2008  (Cartagena - Colombia) 

Regional Conference on “Media, Education and Culture in Human Rights” More

From 15-09-2008    to   18-09-2008  (Dakar - Senegal) 

Seminar on training of trainers on the struggle against cultural works piracy More

From 15-09-2008    to   17-09-2008  (Paris - France) 

Opening Event & Thematic Roundtable on ‘Development with Culture and Identity’ in light of the UN Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples More

From 16-09-2008    to   18-09-2008  (Regensburg - Germany) 

Organisation of World Heritage Cities (OWHC) Northwest European Regional Conference “Earth, Wind, Water, Fire – Environmental Challenges to Urban World Heritage” More

From 20-09-2008    to   20-09-2008  (Bucharest - Romania) 

Fifth Ministerial Conference on Cultural Heritage in South-Eastern Europe More

From 25-09-2008    to   27-09-2008  (Dubrovnik - Croatia) 

The Best in Heritage More

From 26-09-2008    to   26-09-2008  (Paris - France) 

Intercultural Dialogue through Dance and Music: A Comparative Look at O-Getsu Ryu (Japan) and Capoeira (Brazil) More

From 28-09-2008    to   02-10-2008  (Santa Fe, New Mexico - United States of America) 

Santa Fe Creative Tourism Conference 2008 More

From 30-09-2008    to   02-10-2008  (Sintra - Portugal) 

Second World International Conference of the Alliance of World Heritage Cultural Landscapes More
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