Traditional poetry from the Emirates - A multimedia project

    Traditional chanted poems from the Arab Emirates are a strong component of the national creative identity. The project aims at collecting this treasure not well known to the international communityand making them available internationally through multimedia products specifically designed for a larger public.

    Since 1948, UNESCO has promoted mutual understanding and dialogue through the circulation and diffusion of literary masterpieces and traditional music beyond their original linguistic and national boundaries. After having been promoted through the UNESCO Representative Works Programme (1948-2000) and the UNESCO Collection of Traditional Music of the World (created in 1961), this objective is now pursued through different initiatives focusing on specific literary areas. The poetry of the Emirates, a country where very fast modernization has to be accompanied by promotion of cultural heritage in all its forms, is a resource to protect and promote worldwide using existing communication technologies, professional know-how and networking.

    The output of this project, financed by the Private Affairs Department of HH Sheika Fatima Bint Mubarak and coordinated by Professor Clive Holes at Oxford University, in collaboration with Dr Said Salman Abu Athera, would be a multimedia anthology (Audio DC and book) in Arabic and English version. The project will be finalized in October 2010.

    • Start Date: 15-07-2008   End Date: 01-10-2010