Tribute 21 - DREAM Center

Tribute 21 - DREAM Center
  • DREAM Center (Kabul) : children chorus

First DREAM Center in Kabul, Afghanistan

The first DREAM Centre has been inaugurated in April 2004 in Kabul (Afghanistan) in cooperation with the Polish Humanitarian Organization and a local partner, the Afghan Street Working Children and New Approach (ASCHIANA). The main objective of the project was to create a place where children can express themselves freely in a safe, culturally aware environment. The Centre provided cultural and sport activities and facilities to underprivileged children that do not have any other opportunities to develop their talents, abilities and simply have some fun.

The children very much enjoy the programme prepared by the two managing organizations. Every decision concerning the activites of the Centre is taken after consultation with children and teachers. That proves a participatory approach which is really successful in the project implementation. The children have got a feeling that they are an important asset in the whole venture and are a part of the development of their own environment.

  • Start Date: 01-12-2003   End Date: 30-04-2004