VII International Congress on Cultural Heritage: Safeguarding and Management

 (Havana - Cuba) 
From 17-03-2008   to   21-03-2008

    Every two years, CENCREM (the National Centre for Conservation, Restoration and Museology) holds an international congress bringing together architects, historians, museologists, restorers and other conservation specialists . Participants share the results of current work in cultural heritage and undertake technical visits to important sites and restored monuments. This congress thus provides an opportunity for a high-level professional exchange at the international level.

    The seventh edition of this prestigious event, which will take place at a new location - el Palacio de las Convenciones de La Habana (the Havana Convention Centre), will focus on the safeguarding and management cultural heritage. The conference will stimulate in-depth debates and exchanges intended to keep alive the rich tangible and intangible cultural heritage

    Created in 1982, CENCREM  was established as a UNESCO regional chair for the conservation of cultural properties in 1995. The UNESCO Office in Havana has developed several projects with CENCREM and has called upon its experts to participate in projects in other countries. UNESCO has supported capacity-building and training projects at CENCREM since the Centre’s creation.

    This congress is organized by the Centro Nacional de Conservación, Restauración y Museología (CENCREM)

    • Start date - Local time:   17- 03- 2008
    • End date - Local time:  21- 03- 2008
    • Event Location  :  Havana, Cuba
    • Country  :  Cuba