Emergency actions and partnerships

    I- Emergency Actions

    UNESCO undertakes various emergency activities in order to raise awareness among the international community about the necessity of protecting cultural heritage and fight against illicit trafficking of cultural property, especially in crisis situations. Among them, three key actions are led, in Afghanistan, in Haiti and in Iraq:

    1- Iraq:

    • Fighting against illicit trafficking of cultural property. See Emergency Action- Iraq;
    • Actions in favor of the restitution of stolen objects from Iraqi Museum.


    2- Haiti:


    3- Afghanistan:

    II- Partnerships

    UNESCO collaborates with many intergovernmental, non-governmental and national organizations in the fight against looting, theft and degradation of cultural property.

    1- Intergovernmental organizations

    UNESCO works closely with intergovernmental organizations that are also acting in favour of cultural goods' protection and against their trafficking at the international level.

    2- Non-governmental organizations

    UNESCO works in partnership with non-governmental organizations specialized in the protection of the cultural heritage. Notably it maintains close relations with the International Council of Museums (ICOM).

    3- National Bodies

    UNESCO collaborates regularly with the national bodies and institutions whose mission is to fight against traffic, theft and looting of cultural property. Becoming more aware of the necessity of protecting their national cultural heritage, States are developing prevention and search actions: