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DREAM: Dance, Read, Express, Art, Music

Tribute 21 - DREAM Centres

    The "Tribute 21" Plate Project was initiated by Felissimo Corporation (Japan) in 1997, in cooperation with UNESCO. This Programme started with the desire to make the dreams of children around the world come true. Towards this end, a charity collection has been launched featuring plates designed by artists and messages sent by influential people from all walks of life. Thus, participants in the programme have included artists such as Robert Rauschenberg, fashion designers Sonia Rykiel and Christian Lacroix and actors John Travolta, Julia Roberts and Sharon Stone.

    Felissimo donates a portion of the sales proceeds to UNESCO for a children arts programme and to specific charities selected by the individual participants of the project.

    In 2003, UNESCO and Felissimo launched the DREAM World Institute Programme which aims to offer art programmes (visual arts, dance, music, words and other forms of creative expressions) to children in developing countries who otherwise may not have the opportunities to learn arts and to develop and appreciate their own creativity.

    Art encourages curiosity. Reading is included in the programme so that the curiosity can be led to poetry, literature and history behind arts, music and dance. Gaining new knowledge and inspiration, learning the rewards of discipline, and learning how to express their creativity will give children the best tool for dreaming for the future.

    The DREAM World Institute has a dream of its own. It is that no matter how small the programme might start, children's eyes will always be open to a bigger world.