A Comprehensive study of Hawrami Kurdish

A Comprehensive study of Hawrami Kurdish

  • Thematic framework: Endangered Languages
  • Geographical outreach: Regional
  • Types of project: Disseminating information

  • Beneficiary countries:
    - Iran,
    - Iraq, Kurdistan

  • Main responsible:
    Seyed Vahid Aryadoust
    English Language and Literature Group,
    National Institute of Education, NTU,

Summary of the activities
The aim of this study is to investigate the features of the contemporary Hawrami. This is upsetting that no single study in the recent years has focused on this language and to many linguists even the name comes as an extraterrestrial gobbledegook difficult or impossible to decipher. This problem was witnessed when the first collaborative work of ours was sent to many internationally prestigious linguistic journals and none them found a single reviewer to referee the article.

The following activities will be conducted:
- The historical grounds of the language
- The past and on going linguistic policies concerned
- Studying the grammar of Hawrami, e.g. the tenses, passive and active forms
- Studying the phonology and morphology of the language
- How is Hawrami different from Sorani Kurdish and what makes some people think it is not Kurdish
- Different colloquial forms of Hawrami in different areas
- Application of the Wave Theory to the spread of this language

Main partners
Masoud Aryadoust

A Comprehensive study of Hawrami Kurdish

  • Start Date: 05-02-2008   End Date: 05-02-2008