First UNESCO/ILAM on-line workshop: Museums and Intangible Heritage

From 07-01-2008   to   03-02-2008
 (Havana - Cuba) 

    This workshop allows participants to improve training in museology and museography and to explore the challenges faced by intangible heritage and cultural diversity for museums.

    The workshops objectives are to:

    • provide students with the practical and theoretical materials needed to reflect on key concepts, that will have a bearing at suitable levels and on projects to preserve, investigate and promote intangible cultural heritage;
    • generate discussions whereupon proposals can be submitted for incorporation into the strategies of national and international organizations aimed at safeguarding the intangible cultural heritage.

    This event is organized jointly by the UNESCO Office in Havana and the Instituto Latinamericano de Museos (ILAM). It is fitting that this initiative is taking place in 2008, the Iber-Americano Year of Museums (Ao Iberoamericano de Museos).

    • Start date - Local time:   07- 01- 2008
    • End date - Local time:  03- 02- 2008
    • Event Location  :  Havana, Cuba
    • Country  :  Cuba