Training Workshop: “Running a Museum”

 (Tashkent - Uzbekistan) 
From 23-01-2008   to   25-01-2008

    Based on the publication series entitled "Running a Museum", this workshop is led by Ms Julia Kupina, Deputy Director of the Kunstkamera Museum in St Petersburg.

    The following topics are to be discussed during the three-day meeting:

    23 January:

    • Legal and ethical basics of museum work;
    • Collection management;
    • nventories and documentation.

    24 January:

    • Safeguarding museum objects;
    • Museum exhibitions;
    • Museum visitors and educational programmes;
    • Museum marketing.

    25 January:

    • Museum and staff management;
    • Museum security;
    • Illegal traffic of cultural heritage.

    At the end of the workshop, the ten participants will be required to complete a questionnaire and assessment forms, discuss the recommendation of training for museum professionals taking into account local specifications and prepare plans for future work.

    • Start date - Local time:   23- 01- 2008
    • End date - Local time:  25- 01- 2008
    • Event Location  :  Tashkent, Uzbekistan
    • Country  :  Uzbekistan