Safeguarding Intangible Heritage and Sustainable Cultural Tourism: Opportunities and Challenges

From 10-12-2007   to   13-12-2007
 (Hue - Viet Nam) 

    This regional meeting focused on case studies from the region illustrating the link between intangible heritage and sustainable cultural tourism.

    It aimed to provide a platform for experts and practitioners to examine effective means of strengthening communities’ capacities to control and manage their own intangible heritage in the face of increased tourism.

    The key themes:

    • handicrafts and sustainable cultural tourism
    • performing arts and sustainable cultural tourism
    • living heritage and environmental, agricultural and ecotourism

    The meeting was organized by the Office of the UNESCO Regional Advisor for Culture in Asia and the Pacific, the (Korean) Establishment Initiative for the Intangible Heritage Centre for Asia-Pacific (EIIHCAP, Republic of Korea), the Hue Monuments Conservation Centre (HMCC).

    • Start date - Local time:   10- 12- 2007
    • End date - Local time:  13- 12- 2007
    • Organizer  :  UNESCO Bangkok Office 
    • Event Location  :  Duyet Thi Duong Royal Theatre
    • Country  :  Viet Nam