Round Table: “Measuring Translations Flows: What For?”

 (Paris - France) 
From 05-12-2007   To   05-12-2007

    Among the fifteen participants taking part in this round table are translators, traductologists, publishers and policy-makers. The meeting also marks the 75th anniversary of the Index Translationum.

    The development and diffusion of new information technologies and the growth of the Internet over the last two decades has had a strong impact on the publishing industry. In today's globalized world, the exchange of literary cultural capital has increased dramatically: people now have access to a broader range of world literature. Translation plays a central role in this exchange, and serves as a metaphor for dialogue between different traditions. However, this dialogue is not always reciprocal and often leads to the creation of unequal relationships among languages, which can pose a threat to cultural diversity.

    Topics for discussion:

    • What is the actual function of new translation observatories? What new observatories? Unclear?
    • Does globalization lead to a more pronounced difference between so-called central languages and peripheral languages? Is it necessary to elaborate stricter policies concerning the symmetry between languages?
    • What is the situation of minority languages in multilingual countries, particularly as regards translation and interpretation?
    • Does the translator have decision-making power over the selection of works are translated?
    • What are the consequences of the predominance of international English language in all fields of knowledge? Will this lead to more works translated into English and the impoverishment of the English language?
    • Do new media make it possible for peripheral works to be translated?

    This event is open to editors, translators and cultural managers (free entry depending on available seats) and is organized by UNESCO with the participation of INALCO (French Institut national des langues et civilisations orientales).

    • Start date - Local time: 2007-12-05 11:00 am
    • End date - Local time: 2007-12-05 11:00 am
    • Event Location  :  UNESCO Headquarters, Room VII - 10 am - 5 pm
    • Name of Contact 1  :  Marius Tukaj, Unesco
    • E-mail address  :
    • Street  :  7 place de Fontenoy
    • Country  :  France