National workshop for ASPNet teachers in World Heritage Education

 (Amman - Jordan) 
From 12-11-2007   to   13-11-2007

    Participants discuss background and objectives of the World Heritage Convention, its application at the country level, and the integration of culture into the school and university curriculum.

    They also discuss:

    • the Culture Sector’s projects (World Heritage sites in Jordan, tangible and intangible heritage, etc);
    • the World Heritage Convention, Government rules and regulations for the protection of the historical and cultural values of the World Heritage sites in Jordan;
    • the role of universities in promoting heritage.
    • how to integrate World Heritage into extra-curricular school activities;
    • how to identify direct linkages with the current school curriculum.

    The discussions are followed by practical exercises. A visit is organized to the Petra World Heritage Site, using survey samples from the "World Heritage Kit in Young Hands" Manual. Participants develop an action plan regarding the following topics listed in the Kit:

    1. World Heritage Agreement
    2. World Heritage and Identify
    3. World Heritage and Tourism
    4. World Heritage and Environment
    5. World Heritage and Culture of Peace
    6. Planning a field trip.

    During the workshop, the UNESCO/ICCROM Petra manual on the Protection of the World Heritage sites is to be launched in Arabic and English.

    This event is organized by the UNESCO Office in Amman.

    • Start date - Local time:   12- 11- 2007
    • End date - Local time:  13- 11- 2007
    • Event Location  :  Amman, Jordan
    • Name of Contact 1  :  Lina Khamis, UNESCO Office in Amman
    • E-mail address  :
    • Name of Contact 2  :  Robert Parua, UNESCO Office in Amman
    • E-mail address  :
    • Name of Contact 3  :  Dr Hadeel Talli, UNESCO Office in Amman
    • E-mail address  :
    • Country  :  Jordan