Handiclasse Day 2007: France, Morocco and Senegal

From 15-01-2008   to   15-01-2008
 (Paris - France) 

    After exploring different approaches to disability, art and school in France and other European countries during previous "Handiclasse Days", this year's edition has broadened its scope by looking at other French-speaking countries, namely Morocco and Senegal. With the support of numerous partners, the event will be broadcast in these countries this year.

    The aim is to bring together diverse approaches with a view to enhancing understanding of disabilities among students, while also raising awareness among teachers and parents through various art forms (theatre, video, storytelling, dance, music, fashion shows) and media (conference, shows, TV programmes):

    • The morning session will be devoted to a conference on ‘Disability and Education’, with the participation of internationally renowned specialists (Room II, 9 a.m. – 1 pm, free entrance.
    • The afternoon will be devoted to a musical performance for children "Le conteur qui ne savait pas compter", music by Steve and Arthur Warring (Room I, 2 – 4 pm, free entrance)
    • The evening gala "Childhood and disability" will feature performances by famous artists (Room I, 8 – 11 p.m. – entrance fee: 30 euros).

    As part of the programme of the Division of Cultural Expressions and Creative Industries, this event is organized by Sans Tambour ni Trompette and UNESCO.

    Reservations: contact@stnt.fr or tel: 01 43 67 63 50.

    • Start date - Local time:   15- 01- 2008
    • End date - Local time:  15- 01- 2008
    • Event Location  :  UNESCO Headquarters, Room II - Room I
    • Country  :  France