New Stakes for Cultural Diversity: In Search of Transversal Values through Dialogue

 (Tokyo and Kyoto - Japan) 
From 05-11-2007   to   08-11-2007

    This International Symposium aims at exploring new dynamics of cultural diversity through a better understanding of the formation and the role of collective representations in intercultural conflicts.

    Dialogue and transversal values as bridges between cultures are the focus of the two successive meetings due to take place:

    • In Kyoto (5-6 November) and
    • In Tokyo (7-8 November).

    New strategies to effectively counter the fallacious theory of the "clash of civilizations" will be sought through a reflection on the notion of sustainability as related to diversity, dialogue and development.

    This event is organized jointly by UNESCO, the United Nations University (UNU), the Research Centre for Moral Science (Japan), and the Kyoto Forum.

    • Start date - Local time:   05- 11- 2007
    • End date - Local time:  08- 11- 2007
    • Event Location  :  Tokyo and Kyoto, Japan
    • Country  :  Japan