UNESCO-Vocations patrimoine: 2007 Awards

 (Paris - France) 
From 05-11-2007   to   05-11-2007

    Five fellowships are awarded to young people and professionals to pursue Master degrees in World Heritage Management. Each winner can undertake a management project at a World Heritage property.

    The winners’ names and a project description are to be announced during the ceremony attended by Christine Albanel, French Minister for Culture and Communication, Yves Coppens, President of the Association Vocations patrimoine, Henri de Castries, President of the directory of AXA group, Patrick de Cambourg, Président of Mazars.

    The partnership was signed in January 2006, and the first awards were designated in March 2006.

    Venue: UNESCO Headquarters, Room XII, 6 pm, by invitation only.

    • Start date - Local time:   05- 11- 2007
    • End date - Local time:  05- 11- 2007
    • Event Location  :  Paris, France
    • Country  :  France