Traditional Knowledge Systems and Expressions of Culture in South Pacific

 (Queensland - Australia) 
From 31-10-2007   to   01-11-2007

    This meeting explores the use of traditional knowledge systems and the expressions of culture for social and sustainable development and related topics.

    It focuses primarily on the next generation of indigenous leadership in the Pacific and beyond as well as Digital Museum Studies Facility to cover the South Pacific.

    Participants include eminent indigenous persons, museum professionals and art professionals (Council of Arts and Performing Arts Centre) from Australia, Indonesia, New Zealand and the United States of America.

    This event is coordinated by the University of Queensland’s Museum Studies Department.

    • Start date - Local time:   31- 10- 2007
    • End date - Local time:  01- 11- 2007
    • Event Location  :  Queensland, Australia
    • Name of Contact 1  :  Mali Voi, UNESCO Office in Apia
    • E-mail address  :
    • Country  :  Australia