"Living Heritage: Exploring the Intangible "at France Télévisions

05-10-2007 - 18-10-2007 (France) 

This photographic exhibition, which is currently on display at UNESCO's Fontenoy Building, is reproduced, on a smaller scale, at the headquarters of France Télévisions in Paris.

The aim is to raise awareness of the France Televisions staff on the richness of the intangible cultural heritage in France, its territories overseas and around the world. The exhibition consists of over twenty photo panels, accompanied by several text panels and documentary films on intangible cultural heritage.

It is jointly organized by France Télévisions and UNESCO’s Section of Intangible Cultural Heritage.

  • Start date - Local time: 2007-10-05 9:00 am
  • End date - Local time: 2007-10-18 9:00 am
  • Paris, France
    Paris, France