International Music Council’s World Forum on Music in Beijing

11-10-2007 - 14-10-2007 (China) 

Following the first World Forum on Music, held in Los Angeles in October 2005, the 2007 Forum aims at exploring some of the most important developments in music.

The six WFM sessions deal with four themes:

  • Music in Development with a focus on the importance of strengthening the musical sector in developing countries;
  • Intellectual Property Rights and the implications of alternative regimes for ensuring artists' rights;
  • ManyMusics - Enhancing musical diversity. One session will examine the potential of the UNESCO Convention on the Protection and Promotion of the Diversity of Cultural Expressions, and a second session will concentrate on our responsibility to establish sustainable futures for the magnitude of musical traditions in the world;
  • Music in the Future: one session will focus on how social, cultural, political and technological trends will influence music in the years to come, and another will examine the implications of the general trends in society for the education of musical artists and educators.

The International Music Council‘s (IMC) mission is rooted in the spirit of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, which underlines the right of to free expression. IMC believes that music is one our most powerful means of expression and communication and that we must work to achieve unlimited freedom with regard to musical expression.

The forum is organized in conjunction with the IMC’s 32nd General Assembly of the IMC (14–16 October) by the International Music Council and the Chinese Musicians Association.

  • Start date - Local time: 2007-10-11 7:00 am
  • End date - Local time: 2007-10-14 7:00 am
  • Beijing, China