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Cultural Diversity Week in Sudan 

Cultural diversity week will take place in three districts of Khartoum and will feature live performances of theatre, music and traditional dances from the Blue Nile, Darfur, Bahr El Ghazal, North Kordofan, the Red Sea, the Northern States, Gezira, Upper Nile, Equatoria and Ghadarif States and other regions of Sudan. Festivities will include Sudanese food fairs and displays of handicraft and traditional medicine. 

Throughout the week, seminars, workshops and lectures focusing on the themes of culture, peace and pluralism will be organized, and local radio and television stations will be on hand to document this event. From 21 to 26 May, half-day seminars will be devoted to cultural management. On 27 May, a meeting of experts and representatives of the twenty-five Sudanese States will take place. Lectures on cultural diversity specially geared to students, will be held at different universities in Khartoum.

The event will be bring together five dignitaries and at least twenty people from each of the twenty-five Sudanese states together with governmental  and regional representatives  to exchange viewpoints and discuss recommendations on cultural diversity and its role in sustainable peace and development.


Start Date 21 May 2007
End Date 27 May 2007
Event Type World Day
Event Location Khartoum, Sudan
Organizer Sudanese National Commission to UNESCO
Partners / Sponsors UNESCO
Website (URL) Cultural Diversity
Email magate@yahoo.com

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