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MUSEUM Intenational N°233-4
The Cultural Heritage of Migrants

233_234-large.gifTable of Contents


  • The political genesis of the Cité nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration (CNHI), Jacques Toubon

Chap 1. Histories: Past and Present of Migrants

  • The Historian in the Cité. How to reconcile history and memory of immigration? Gérard Noiriel
  • The Maghrébin or North African Culture in France and in Marseille: Between the visible and the invisible. Between acceptance and repression Emile Témime
  • Immigration and cultural rights: political recognition and cultural acceptance Catherine Wihtol de Wenden
  • Portuguese Immigrants and Portuguese Culture in France Marie-Christine Volovitch-Tavares and Dominique Stoenesco
  • The Musée national de l’Histoire de l’Immigration: a museum without a collection Hélène Lafont Couturier
  • How to Reconcile the Irreconcilable: the place of ethnology in the museum of the Cité nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration Fabrice Grognet
  • Former Palace of the Colonies: the burden of heritage Dominique Jarassé
  • A Realm of Memory for a Cultural Centre of History, Maureen Murphy

Chap. 2 Museography, Education and Scenography: Specific tools?

  • A permanent exhibition: 200 years of immigration Pascal Payeur
  • A Crucible for Questions Karthika Naïr
  • The Cité nationale de l’histoire de l’immigration (CNHI): a place for partnering and networking Agnès Arquez-Roth
  • Documenting immigration: from resource centre to media library Claire Tirefort
  • The Cité, site of transmission and public education Nathalie Heraud
  • The Cité and its public audiences: images, perceptions and evolutions Fanny Servole

Chap. 3 International points of view and experiences

  • The Sao Paulo Immigrants Memorial: Fields of research and challenges in the 21st Century Ana Maria da Costa Leitão Vieira
  • The political and social significance of a Museum of Migration in Germany Aytac Eryilmaz
  • Danish Immigration Museum of Furesø: History of Immigration and the Collect of Memories Cathrine Kyø Hermansen and Thomas Møller
  • Museums devoted to migration: The Portuguese Emigration Museum (O Museu Português da Emigração), Maria Beatriz Rocha-Trindade Miguel Monteiro
  • Mobilizing Communities and Sharing Stories: the role of the Immigration Museum in one of the most culturally diverse cities in the world Padmini Sebastian

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