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Coletivo Madeirista wins the UNESCO Digital Arts Award 2007
 The Brazilian artist group Coletivo Madeirista is the winner of the 5th edition of the UNESCO Digital Arts Award. 


This year, young artists around the world were invited to reflect on urban spaces and city environments, cultivating these ideas into artistic innovation and new forms of expression using the UNESCO online application of Scenes and sounds of my city.

Among 234 artists and artist groups who participated in the competition (November 2006 – February 2007), 56 online projects were finalized and submitted for the selection.

The UNESCO International Jury was especially assembled online in order to evaluate the digital productions on the basis of their rich artistic concepts, creative expressions and critical interpretation, as well as innovative use of low technology. The final decision was made on a participatory project, entitled "Inventory of the Shades".

The artistic intervention of Coletivo Madeirista records the experience of people exploring their own figures through the representation of their shadows and therefore leaving their dual images in public space. The project itself is a digital testimony of public urban intervention, strongly proposing social participation in the artistic scenery by transforming the public audience and different socio-cultural elements into urban dynamics.

Coletivo Madeirista gathered from 1998 for production and discussion of contemporary art, literature and visual poetry, urban interventions and video-art performances. All 8 artists (Joesér Alvarez as team leader, Flavio Dutka, Gaspar Knippel, Rinaldo Santos, Deivis Nascimento, Jean Ricardo, Luis Dantas, Adão Viotto) reside and work in Porto Velho, Rondônia, Amazônia, Brasil.

In addition to the UNESCO Prize, Coletivo Madeirista has been offered the opportunity by the Cultural Association Casa das Caldeiras (ACCC. www.casadascaldeiras.com.br) to realize a site-specific urban project in Sao Paolo in 2008.

Other finalists of the Prize have also been selected for residency programmes through the coordination of the freeDimensional network (http://freedimensional.org/). The duo artist group of Sara Heitlingerand Franc Purg (UK/Australia/Slovenia - Project “Privileged Tactics I and II) will receive a 1-2 month residency in 2007-2008 at the Sante Fe Art Institute (www.sfai.org)  In Michoacán, Mexico, the Guapamacatara Hacienda Residency is ready to host Argentinean finalist Mariela Yeregui in their Interdisciplinary Residency in Art and Ecology (July 8-22, 2007).

The International Jury of the UNESCO Digital Arts Award 2007 was composed of the following personalities from different geo-cultural regions: 1. Ms Berni Searle (South Africa), video artist using mixed media 2. Mr Abdellah Karroum (Morocco), Director of L’appartement 223. Ms Soh Yeong Roh (Republic of Korea), Director of Art Centre Nabi4. Mr Jean Gagnon (Canada), Executive Director at Daniel Langlois Foundation5. Mr Eugenio Tisselli Vélez (Mexico), researcher in physical interface design and multimedia software development

* The UNESCO DigiArts team especially expresses their gratitude for the generous contribution and valuable cooperation of the following institutions:

-The Casa das Caldeiras Cultural Association aims at generating energy for Art and Society by providing artists, researchers, civil societies, public and private institutions with physical space for artistic, social and cultural dynamics. The Casa das Caldeiras Cultural Association has its basis in the Heritage Promotion and Cultural Development.Web Site: www.casadascaldeiras.com.brContact: Joel BORGES, Project Director

- freeDimensional organizes community arts space and local resources for the support and protection of individuals who create dialogue on global issues and inequalities through their art and media.

- The Santa Fe Art Institute is a unique arts center located in Santa Fe, New Mexico. As one of the Southwest’s pre-eminent contemporary art venues the SFAI explores the intersections of art and society through public lectures and intensive studio workshops, the Artist and Writer residency program, youth education and outreach programming, and exhibitions. The SFAI residency program serves both emerging and mid-career artists and writers, providing time and space to create in a community of great cultural richness.

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