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 The Slave Route
 Transatlantic Slave Trade
    Triangular trade
    History of abolitions
    2004 Commemoration Year
 Slave trade in the Indian Ocean
 Tribute to the victims
 Modern forms of slavery
Arab States Africa Latin America/Caribbean Asia/ the Pacific Europe/ North America
Activities worldwide
Cultural interactions generated by the slave trade and slavery in the Arab-Islamic world 

This international seminar organized by UNESCO in the framework of the Slave Route Project aims to reinforce its activities in lesser-studied regions, in particular the Arab–Islamic world. 

Organized in cooperation with the Moroccan National Commission for UNESCO, this seminar will bring together some 20 to 25 experts from sub-Saharan countries, the Maghreb and the Middle East selected on the basis of their expertise and experience in issues related to the slave trade and slavery in those regions.

Start Date 17 May 2007
End Date 19 May 2007
Event Type International Conference
Event Location Rabat and Marrakesh, Morocco
Organizer UNESCO
Partners / Sponsors National Commission of Morocco to UNESCO
Website (URL) http://portal.unesco.org/culture/en/ev.php-URL_ID=25659&URL_DO=DO_TOPIC&URL_SECTION=201.html
Email a.moussa-iye@unesco.org

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