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Brazil - Coletivo Madeirista: Joesér Alvarez.org / Flavio Dutka /Gaspar Knippel /Rinaldo Santos /Deivis Nascimento / Jean Ricardo /Luis Dantas /Adão Viotto

Born in: (1)11/10/62 (2)23/01/74 (3)17/03/79 (4)25/03/65 (5) 08/03/83 (6)26/10/80 (7)02/05/74 (8)16/07/77

The " Inventory of the Shades " is a project of urban intervention with a proposal sociocultural and inclusive, questioning the art concepts, property, urbanization, celebrity and immanence, proposing a new one to look at for those aspects, rescuing the social participation in the production and in the discussion of the artistic-cultural object, stimulating the new actors' and/or cultural agents appearance in the artistic scenery, as well as other aesthetic perspectives for the public art and its interactions with the aid also of the internet.
One of the aspects of that intervention consists of painting the people's shades in the streets through where they pass inviting them firstly as models, later stimulating them to paint the own shade and to sign the " work " creating like this a gallery of public art of free access and fruition.
Another aspect is to paint the shade of daily objects, interact with the shades of those objects: bicycles, posts, public telephones, trees, its potencially original shades and altering them in a draw that expresses the " desire " of the object, where a " aesthetics of the time ", stay while memory of the action.

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Publication Date 21 Feb 2007
The Shadows Inventory

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