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The Museum in Docklands to apply as a "Site of Memory" 

As part of its efforts to commemorate the Bicentenary Abolition of the British Slave Trade, the Museum in Docklands announces its intention to apply for a trans-national serial nomination for World Heritage status on 22 March 2007. 

The announcement is in advance of the 200th anniversary of the 1807 Abolition of the Slave Trade Act (25 March).  In doing so, the museum would like to gain recognition of the building’s importance as a site of memory for the African Diaspora and London’s central role in the triangular trade.

The museum intends this to be a trans-national serial nomination in conjunction with partners in West Africa and Barbados in the Caribbean. This initiative is supported by the International Scientific Committee of the UNESCO Slave Route Project.  The Barbados Museum and Historical Society in Bridgetown has agreed to associate itself with the Museum in this application. 

The announcement takes place on the occasion of the visit of the Prime Minister of Barbados, Owen Arthur, joined by the Mayor of London, Ken Livingston, and Prof. Rex Nettleford, President of the International Scientific Committee of the UNESCO Slave Route Project.

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Start Date 22 Mar 2007
End Date 22 Mar 2007
Event Type Announcement
Event Location London, U.K.
Organizer Museum in Docklands
Partners / Sponsors International Scientific Committee of the UNESCO Slave Route Project and the Barbados Museum and Historical Society
Email e.moukala@unesco.org

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