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Transliteration tables for the Index Translationum 


The first transliteration and transcription tables for languages, which do not use the Latin alphabet, have just been published online as the Index has been updated with some 40,000 new entries.

The result of a study carried out at UNESCO, this feature is indispensable for translation research and will allow users to substitute each grapheme or group of graphemes from different writing systems (Arabic, Chinese, Cyrillic etc.) into their Latin equivalent, independently of their pronunciation.

This third edition 2006 includes new entries from the following countries:

  • Bulgaria (books published in 2003 and 2004),
  • Czech Republic (2004),
  • Hungary (2004),
  • India (2002/2003),
  • Islamic Republic of Iran (2004),
  • Japan (2002-2003/2004),
  • Latvia (2004),
  • Lithuania (2004),
  • Peru (2004),
  • Poland (2003/2004),
  • Portugal (2003/2004),
  • Slovakia (2002/2003/2004),
  • Slovenia (2003/2004).
  • The online edition of the Index Translationum contains some 1,600,000 references (from 1979 to now) on all subjects. 

    Publication Date 30 Nov 2006
    Author(s) UNESCO

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