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UNESCO’s SEAL of Excellence for Handicrafts Products 

In the framework of the International Crafts Fair (FIART), Havana (Cuba), the UNESCO SEAL of Excellence for the craft products of four Caribbean countries - Aruba, Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti - will be awarded for the first time. 

Originally piloted in 2000-2003 for Southeast Asia by UNESCO and the ASEAN Handicraft Promotion and Development Association (AHPADA), this programme has succeeded not only in raising the standards of quality of handicraft products but has also enhanced international market awareness of products coming from all the countries in the region.  Furthermore, the SEAL of Excellence has received a growing interest among artisans and various actors in the handicrafts world and, in view of  its success in Asia, it is foreseen to extend the SEAL to other regions in the world.

During a meeting held in Santo Domingo (Dominican Republic) on 5 and 6 April 2006, the UNESCO Regional Office for Culture for Latin America and the Caribbean, situated in Havana (Cuba),  presented the SEAL to the participants.  At that time, four Caribbean countries - Aruba,  Cuba, Dominican Republic and Haiti – undertook  to implement the competition in their region in 2006.
An international panel of judges and experts in design, marketing and handicraft production will take place from 13 to 14 December and the award will be attributed on the 15 December.


Contact : Mme Montserrat Martell Domingo, UNESCO Office in Havana

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Start Date 13 Dec 2006
End Date 15 Dec 2006
Event Type Award
Event Location Havana, Cuba
Organizer UNESCO
Partners / Sponsors Association of South-East Asian Nations (ASEAN)
Email m.martell@unesco.org

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