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Culture > Copyright Bulletin > Doctrine and Opinions > The Draft WIPO Broadcasting Treaty and its Impact on Freedom of Expression
The Draft WIPO Broadcasting Treaty and its Impact on Freedom of Expression

April - June 2006

Note from the Editor

The 33rd General Conference of UNESCO mandated the Organization to play a proactive role in the discussion of the draft for an international instrument on the protection of the rights of broadcasting organizations currently being discussed at WIPO so that the objectives of the promotion of freedom of expression and universal access to information and knowledge are not hindered by the provisions of the said instrument.

The study of Patrícia Akester, commissioned by UNESCO, on the Draft WIPO Broadcasting Treaty and its impact on the Freedom of Expression, endeavors to make a constructive input to the debate on the intersection between the protection of intellectual property rights and freedom of expression in the new international instrument, currently under discussion.  The study raises questions and pinpoints issues which government officials and experts may wish to address and explore in more detail in the negotiation process. All views expressed are those of the author and do not affect, nor pre-empt any official position of UNESCO or its Member States.


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    Author(s) Patrícia Akester
    Periodical Name Copyright Bulletin

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