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    • Piracy of intellectual property and the measures needed to counter it (Denis de Freitas, 1994, pdf)
      Although published over a decade ago, this analysis provides a comprehensive survey of piracy that is still relevant today.

      To some persons the term ‘piracy’ may have a slightly romantic connotation conjuring up visions of swashbuckling Caribbean buccaneers; but there is nothing romantic nor swashbuckling about the pirates of intellectual property; they are criminals, usually operating on a large and organized scale, engaged in the theft of the products of other peoples’ talent, skills and investment.


    National Anti-piracy Seminar
    Lilongwe - Malawi
    • 07-12-2006 - 
    • 07-12-2006
    Anti-piracy Workshop in Zimbabwe
    Harare - Zimbabwe
    • 27-11-2006 - 
    • 28-11-2006
    Anti-Piracy Training for Trainers
    Windhoek - Namibia
    • 18-09-2006 - 
    • 21-09-2006
    National Seminar - The Multiplier Effect of the Anti-Piracy Training for Trainers
    Struga - FYR of Macedonia
    • 13-04-2005 - 
    • 15-04-2005