Road Map for Arts Education

Road Map for Arts Education


 The World Conference on Arts Education:

Building Creative Capacities for the 21st Century

Lisbon, 6-9 March 2006







I. Background (doc pdf)


II. The Aims of Arts Education (doc pdf)

1. Uphold the Human Right to Education and Cultural Participation

2. Develop Individual Capabilities

3. Improve the Quality of Education

4. Promote the Expression of Cultural Diversity


III. Concepts Related to Arts Education (doc pdf)

1. Arts Fields

2. Approaches to Arts Education

3. Dimensions of Arts Education


IV. Essential Strategies for Effective Arts Education (doc pdf)

1. Education of teachers and artists

2. Partnerships


V. Research on Arts Education, and Knowledge Sharing (doc pdf)


VI. Conclusion (doc pdf)


VII. Recommendations (doc pdf)

1. Recommendations for Educators, Parents, Artists, and Directors of Schools and Training Institutions

2. Recommendations for Government Ministries and Policy Makers

3. Recommendations for UNESCO and Other Intergovernmental and Non-governmental Organizations


Annex : case studies (doc pdf)

  • Publication Date: 30-08-2006