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Heritage and Spatial Planning: Preventive Archeology
01 Jan 2005
Euro-Maghrebian workshop held in Algiers from 26 to 30 November 2004.

Thanks to the close collaboration between Algerian, French authorities and UNESCO, the workshop on "Preventive Archeology: Cultural Heritage and Spatial Planning" was held in Algiers from 26 to 30 November 2004.

Consult the related document (PDF in French)

Preventive archaeology is a field that becomes involved when a development project risks harming cultural heritage. Developers thus include in their calendars the time necessary for the detection, excavation, study or possible protection of discovered items. Preventive archaeology is therefore part of the timetable.

More than 150 specialists (archaeologists, developers and academics) from throughout the Mediterranean debated and suggested new ways to reconcile the imperative to conserve archaeological heritage with economic interests tied to development and spatial planning.

Discussions focused on three main points:

  • The organization, legislation and financing of preventive archeology;
  • The tools used to manage archaeological heritage and intervention strategies;
  • The coordination, advancement and spread of knowledge.

UNESCO was responsible for the coordination and international organization of the event. The Algerian Ministry of Culture provided on its own initiative the financing and reception of the participants. They organized the event on the national level. The workshop also benefited from the support of the French embassy in Algeria and from the participation of INRAP.

INRAP and UNESCO coordinated the scientific and technical aspects of the workshop, with the support of the French and Algerian Ministries of Culture, the UniversitÚ Montpellier III and the department of "Archeology of Mediterranean Societies" at CNRS.

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Publication Date 01 Jan 2005
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