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Bilingual Report Russian-English: "Serfdom in Russia and its Abolition" 

This report follows the seminar held on December 17, 2004 at the historical Smolny Palace in St.Petersburg, Russia, in the framework of the International year to commemorate the abolition of slavery, proclaimed by the UN General Assembly, against the general background of the ‘Slave Routes’ project. 
The report centered upon several key areas:
  • Historical description. Both well-grounded regularities, as well as still unresolved issues were regarded in this framework. Theoretical plausibility of discerning between state and private forms of serfdom in Russia could be cited in this respect; another issue is underlining the difficult economic situation that characterized the position of former landlords themselves in the reformed Russia;
  • Historical comparison. Methodological plausibility of joining discussion of slavery, serfdom, and present-day forms of human trafficking was regarded, as well as how effective the application of the ‘transdisciplinary paradigm’ could be in general terms;
  • Administrative creativity. Problems and prospects of reforming the post-communist societies was discussed here, primarily against the background of speedy and effective reforms in the 19th-century Russia, duly labeled as a "military and feudal empire".

The publication also contains an appendix with the text of the radio-serial, and basic information about the UNESCO "Slave Route" Project (1994-2004). The e-version of the publication is available in both Russian and English on the UNESCO Moscow Office website.

Read the report (PDF): Russian | English 

Publication Date 17 Dec 2004

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