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Creative Places + Spaces2: Risk Revolution conference, Toronto, Canada, 30 September - 1 October 2005

 UNESCO's Creative Cities Network has been invited as a featured speaker at the Creative Places + Spaces2: Risk Revolution conference in Toronto, Canada on 30 September - 1 October 2005.
Creative Places Spaces.JPG

The conference will explore the role and benefits of creativity and innovation as they pertain to various initiatives within the fields of education, culture, the environment and the economy.  Speakers, presenters and participants will delve into new developments in community building by sharing experiences that depict the importance of ingenuity, inventiveness, creativity and courage in transforming mindsets, people and places.

As an international gathering of 600 community builders, business leaders, policy makers, urban thinkers and experts from the fields of arts, science, government, commerce, education, and social services, the conference is designed to motivate, inspire and effect constructive change.

The case study that will be presented will focus on the creative potential of clusters that are harbored in cities, with special attention to innovation once these clusters are connected (or institutionalized) in a useful manner, as in the Creative Cities Network.

The presentation will show how cities are effectively in the center of harnessing the human creativity that is driving this new economy that is giving rise to the production and consumption of unique experiences

Publication Date 28 Aug 2005
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