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UNESCO Cultural Activities Worldwide
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Buenos Aires, Argentina appointed UNESCO City of Design

 The city of Buenos Aires, Argentina was appointed as the first UNESCO City of Design on 24 August 2005. Through public-private collaboration, the city of Buenos Aires has been able to harness the energy and innovation of its design sector for development initiatives on a local, regional and international level.
Buenos Aires.JPG

Not only has the city diversified its economic growth potential, but it has also engaged a broad array of stakeholders in building one of the most vibrant and dynamic design scenes in Latin America.     

As a cross-road of diverse backgrounds, histories, people and ethnicities, the city of Buenos Aires has been capturing the essence of diversity and creativity in order to develop one of the most viable and productive design industries in the South American continent.  Spanning the fields of fashion, architecture, industrial, interior and urban design with a keen focus on incorporating the latest technology and know-how, Buenos Aires is a city that inspires design.           

Publication Date 28 Aug 2005