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7. Final mix

The whole piece: The only thing left to do now is to put together the Prelude, Parts 1 and 2 and the Coda.


Remember that the four sound files have the same prefix, “RESULTATmix”.

You will now open a new sequence in Audacity and use the horizontal time shift tool to juxtapose the four files. The whole piece has been mixed in stereo on a more recent version of the software (version1.2.3 ).

A couple of adjustments to sound intensity and your work is finished! The object is mainly to tidy the transition between the different parts, although the Coda needs more work to ensure overall coherency (see copy of screen below).

The file containing the whole piece is called “RESULTATentier.mp3”.


  • RESULTATmixprel.mp3
  • RESULTATmixpart1.mp3
  • RESULTATmixpart2.mp3
  • RESULTATmixcoda.mp3
  • RESULTATentier.mp3

    Image: "Mixing the whole piece"


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    mixage_final.gif 7. The final mix- PDF to download

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