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Session 1

A word of advice :

  • It is important for you to follow the different sessions in the correct order, reproducing the different manipulations step by step. Remember that the proposed creation is intended as a pedagogical example with limited musical value. [Music Education/Pedagogy]

  • The seminar leans heavily on the tutorials available on the Digi-Arts site. These will be very useful in helping you to understand the functioning of the different software programs used. To download and install these programs, go to the Digi-Arts site, where you will find all the links and procedures that you need.

  • The software versions that we quote are the ones documented on the Digi-Arts site. For some of these, newer versions can be obtained.

  • First, install all the software and ensure that audio inputs and outputs are working correctly.

  • You must be able to listen to the sound samples proposed in mp3.

  • Check the audio output with a sound sample and adjust the Windows mixing desk if necessary.

  • Depending on the flute and equipment that you use, sound and musical results may be quite different from the samples proposed. The objective is not for you to reproduce the same piece, but on the contrary, to acquire a basic working knowledge of electroacoustic creation. [Computer Music

  • Content

    1.1 A musical “miniature”
    1.2 Sound materials

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    flute1.gif 1. Introduction to the practical seminars - PDF to download

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