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Midnight Circus, IV Edition

 Preparations for the IV Edition of Midnight Circus are now underway. The MC project promotes the airing of local television programme content from around the world to be broadcast internationally on New Years night on television channels around the world. Planning for New Year’s Eve 2005/06 has begun and organizers are looking for ways to include participants from regions typically under-represented.

With 27 countries, and some excellent programming produced especially for the occasion, last year's edition was the most successful to date!  In fact Spain's version, entitled Sol de Media Noche, is one of the finalists in the upcoming Rose D'Or Festival in the Variety category: http://www.rosedor.com/festival2005/competition/

MC’s new website has also been launched, http://www.midnightcircus.org, and includes a full description of previous editions and video clips from last year's segments