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Do you have what it takes to become a UNESCO City of Gastronomy?

The following list of criteria and characteristics serves as a guide for cities interested in joining the network as a City of Gastronomy:

    • Well-developed gastronomy that is characteristic of the urban centre and/or region;
    • Vibrant gastronomy community with numerous traditional restaurants and/or chefs;
    • Endogenous ingredients used in traditional cooking;
    • Local know-how, traditional culinary practices and methods of cooking that have survived industrial/technological advancement;
    • Traditional food markets and traditional food industry; 
    • Tradition of hosting gastronomic festivals, awards, contests and other broadly-targeted means of recognition;
    • Respect for the environment and promotion of sustainable local products;
    • Nurturing of public appreciation, promotion of nutrition in educational institutions and inclusion of biodiversity conservation programmes in cooking schools curricula.

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Appointed city:

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