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International Music and Media Centre (IMZ)
The Austrian-based IMZ is a global non-profit association of leading international producers of cultural programmes focusing on classical and contemporary music as well as world music, jazz and dance. IMZ offers various business support services to members, including access to a music database and the IMZ newsletter.
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Music Business Solutions
This site is developed by Peter Spellman, director of Career Development at the Berklee College of Music in Boston, USA. It contains articles on the music business and links to online music resources.
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Recording Industry Association of Jamaica
The Recording Industry Association of Jamaica Limited (RIAJam), is a members trade organization that represents the interests of companies operating in Jamaica within the recording business. Membership is open to registered companies involved in music production, recording studio operations, music publishing, music video production, music distribution and manufacturing.
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Association of Independent Music (AIM)
AIM is a trade body for independent record companies and distributors in the United Kingdom. It has a business centre for members offering information on doing business and has produced a guide to 'Survival and Success in the Music Industry' which can be downloaded from the site.
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