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Artists in Development
The Artists in Development Programme (AiD) is an initiative coordinated by UNESCO's Arts and Cultural Enterprise Division with funding from the Norwegian government. The programme is designed to foster skills among artists and creators in developing countries that can be turned into income-generating activities. To further this goal, a website was developed to encourage knowledge sharing amongst cultural operators.

Traditions of Tomorrow, South Africa 2000 MADESA

The Artists in Development website is intended to be a resource tool for artists and cultural operators, stimulating creativity and providing support for cultural enterprise development. On the site you will find training materials used in the AiD workshops as well as useful links and papers relevant to cultural enterprise development.

Launched in 1999, the first phase of AiD, consisted of a series of ten workshops in diverse artistic disciplines in all regions of the world. The second phase that started in 2004 focuses on capacity building for cultural enterprises. All grants within the programme have already been allocated so please do not contact us to solicit financing.


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