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Culture in the Neighbourhood

The varied impacts of globalisation on cities have highlighted the need for projects which will address the dynamics of culturally diverse neighbourhoods in modern urban environments. The "Culture in the Neighbourhood" project places emphasis on social integration and participation at the local level. It consists of cultural activities which the residents of a neighbourhood carry out through their own efforts. Additionally, it uses culture as a means of fostering dialogue, tolerance and sustainable development.   

The Culture in the Neighbourhood Network consists of neighbourhood associations which share a common goal: the promotion of cultural activities performed by the inhabitants of a neighbourhood for other inhabitants of their neighbourhood on themes directly related to their lives in order to draw them closer and thus, reinforce their belonging to the place they live in and its social entity.

The innovative, community-based and capacity-enhancing approach of such a network is grounded on reciprocal stimulation and mutual enrichment. It creates links between the inhabitants of a neighbourhood and between the neighbourhoods and cities of a global network.

This network contributes to the implementation of :



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