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Ongoing projects 

Please consult the list of ongoing projects.


  Lighting System Installation in the Exhibition Spaces of the Ottoman Building known as Dar Al- Wali in Baghdad UNESCO, Division of Cultural Heritage
The project aims at providing lighting system for selected areas in the exhibition space, which cover a total area of 150 square meters. 

  Stolen cultural property database UNESCO (Division of Cultural Heritage)
In April 2003, UNESCO has committed itself to develop a database on Iraqi stolen cultural property in order to respond effectively to the problem of illicit traffic. 

  Rehabilitation of the laboratories of the Iraq National Museum in Baghdad UNESCO (Division of Cultural Heritage)
The project aims at the physical rehabilitation of five rooms, supply of equipment and materials and training for Iraq National Museum staff. 

  Rehabilitation of the storage at the Iraq National Museum, Baghdad UNESCO
The project aims at restoration, reorganization and refurbishing of the storage spaces in a more efficient and practical way. It also aims at the provision of appropriate environmental storage conditions for the different types of artifacts. 

  Documentation and preparation of a proposal to stabilise the arch of Ctesiphon and the al-Nouri Minaret in Mossul UNESCO (Division of Cultural Heritage)

  Strengthening the protection of the archaeological site of Ninive (Mossul) UNESCO (Division of Cultural Heritage)
Provision of equipment and repairing of the site's fencing. 

  Training course in documentation of cultural heritage with the use of photogrammetry UNESCO (Division of Cultural Heritage)
The project aims at updating Iraqi professional skills in the field of documentation with photogrammetrical technique. 

  Provision of photogrammetric material UNESCO (Cultural Heritage Division), WHC
The project is jointly organized by UNESCO’s World Heritage Centre and UNESCO’s Division of Cultural Heritage. 

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