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Presentation of the "Young Digital Creators programmes"
at the Forum Computer Space 2004 (Sofia, Bulgaria)
 The presentation, moderated by Jove Jankulovski (iEARN Macedonia), included a description of the DigiArts Programme with emphasis on the project Youth Creating and Communicating on HIV/AIDS, including animation about the process of how the programme functions, and presented contributions from other DigiArts projects: Sounds of our Water, Scenes and Sounds of my City, and Youth Creating and Communicating on HIV/AIDS. 

Opening-ceremony.jpg The Young Digital Creators - Unique Learning Opportunities for Youth around the Globe at the International computer art forum Computer Space 2004 was held in Sofia from 12 to 14 October 2004 at the National Palace of Culture.

The President of the Republic of Bulgaria opened the event. Special guests were the Minister of Finance of the Republic of Bulgaria, Mr Milen Velchev, the Minister of Education and Science, Mr Igor Damianov, the Vice Chairman of the Parliament, Mrs Kamelia Kasabova and the Vice Minister of Youth and Sports, Mr Feim Chaushev.

It attracted a diverse audience: young students in computer and media related techniques, individuals and organizations that won awards on the forum, interested citizens, and experts in computer arts, guests and presenters from Germany, Russia and USA.

The different topics were:

- The integration of digital artworks creations by young participants and interaction between them.

- The idea of how compositions are made by different participants.

- The process of creation and interactions between participants. Reactions and feedback were very positive towards this unique programme.

At the end of the presentation the audience had informal discussions and suggested that this invitation be further disseminated among potential participants for the next sessions of the programme.

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