Colloqium "Babylone and the Bible"

On 21 September 2004 UNESCO Headquarter hosted a colloquium on « Babylone and the Bible » organized by the periodical "Le Monde de la Bible".

The discussion, directed by Mr Jean-Luc Pouthier, chief editor of "Le Monde de la Bible" and Ms Sophie Laurant, chief of section, focused on the relationship between Babylon and the Bible, with particular regards to some aspects of two main themes: the Mesopotamian literature and the Biblical recites (session one), and the exile and the Biblical text. Well-known international specialists participated in the colloquium, such as Prof. Mogens Trolle Larsen (Denmark), Prof. Brigitte Lion (France), Prof. Mario Liverani (Italy), Prof. Dominique Charpin (France) and Prof. Jacques Briend (France), Prof. Pierre Gibert (France) and Prof. André Lemaire (France).

Start Date 21 Sep 2004
End Date 21 Sep 2004
Event Location UNESCO Headquarters, Paris

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